Boardmasters 2014

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Summer is coming, Surf is returning to Cornwall. Grab your flip flops, pitch your tent and of course, bring your board! Here at Urban Surfer we live for the waves. Whether you’re a committed surfer, or a total novice (like I am), keen to check out the scene, We hope to see you out there riding.


 Five months and it’ll soon be here, August 6th-10th: the BoardMasters 2014 festival of surf and music tickets are now available. The festival just keeps getting better and better each year. The lineup now includes Chase and Status, Snoop Dogg, Bastille, Reel Big Fish, and Britains next big band; The 1975. With a sold out 2014 tour under their belts, join us at Fistal Beach on August 7th as we party hard with the Manchester based Indie-Rockers.


You can see the full lineup at

Did you know?
The festival started out as a small surfing competition in 1981, and has grown into an integral part of the British Summer Surf scene with international interest. This year we see the return of the classic surf competition, with 6 categories:

Mens Open:  With the right conditions, this Open can rival the top surfing venues the world has to offer.

Womens Open: The ladies take to the waves and battle it out no matter what the weather is; they’ll power through and give us some fierce competition to watch.

Men’s LongBoard: A more laid-back  noseriding competition, always a hit, no matter what festival you’re at!

Pro Junior: Keep an eye out on these under 20’s as the next generation of champions take to the waves.

Under 16’s mixed: Its incredible to see just how popular the sport has become.. with all age groups, as these youngsters ride knee-high waves!

AirShow: The ‘Best-Trick’ Showdown. Need I say anything more?

Kelly Slater’s Close Encounter

I think he needs a bigger board!
(Okay, i’m trying to make a ‘Jaws’ reference here. You can let me off though, right?)

Footage has surfaced of Kelly Slater surfing with a new friend… Nothing other than a great white shark!

Filming near Margaret River in Australia, it was reported that the 11 times world champion has been dicing with death during his latest ride. However, Slater himself was quick to dismiss this as a reflection of another surfer, “It was clearly the guy paddling over the wave and, you know, when the face of the wave bends, it bends the light. It bends what you see in the image”.

There has been similar responses to that of Kelly’s, with many claims that because the footage was filmed using a Go Pro camera it could have been easy to enhance it. Others believe that it could be just another fish, or Slater’s own reflection.

However, Margaret River is infamous for shark sightings and shark attacks. So, who knows what it was? Kelly is adamant that this footage is not of a great white: we think it certainly could be!

What do you think the mysterious shape in the footage is?

Catching up with Corinne Evans

We are excited to say that Urban Surfer have once again been lucky enough to catch up with our favourite surfer girl, Corinne Evans. With no time to waste, we have dove straight in, grilling the tré cool lady for her top surf tips and some personal facts…

corinne evans

It’s a pleasure to catch up with you again Corinne, could you tell us what you’ve been up to since we last spoke?
It’s always great catching up with you guys too! Well what have I been up to… been travelling a bit in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mexico and around Europe. Which as you can imagine has been pretty epic! Just surfing as much as I can and modelling lots. Generally living my dream!

 I understand you’ve been busy travelling; hitting places such as Sri Lanka, Mexico… have you been anywhere else? (We’re not jealous at all!)
Yeah I’ve been all over the place! Most recently though I have been in France working on my Girls Surf Camps, Maldives surfing with Animal and I’ve just got back from a lovely holiday to the Canaries!

 So, from all of the places you’ve travelled, where would you rate as the number one location to catch a good wave?
Hands down the Maldives! It’s heaven on earth. Fun waves to be had all over.

After looking into the up and coming UK Surf Festivals for 2014 I have come across the Evans Surf Tour, which is this month, are you looking forward to it? Can you tell me more about the changes you’ve planned for this year’s event?
My Surf Tour kicks off on 26th April and will run until mid October. This year I have changed the days up. I have now the Gidget Surf Day which is focussed on beginner surfing. The Margo Surf Day which specialises in Intermediate Surfing and the Rell Day which is all about taking your surfing to the next level with Advanced tips and techniques.

 We love Animal here at Urban Surfer so we couldn’t help but notice you’ve been modelling a few of their new additions to the Spring/ Summer 2014 range. How was that?
Really fun! The Animal team are amazing to work with, they’re always so welcoming and put me at ease straight away.

Do you have any favourites from their new range?
I am loving their new Swimsuits! Don’t get me wrong I love a bikini but I can’t get enough of the Ivella-Swimsuit.

We’re loving the new ombre hair by the way
Oh, thanks! I’ve had it for a while now but since coming back from the Canaries it’s gone super ombre!

So; as a pro surfer and model, a great deal of discipline must be involved to stay in shape and build your endurance for the sport, what are your three top rules to maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
.Surfing as much as I can – It’s such a fun way to keep in shape so why not try and do it everyday!
2.Stretching – I am naturally very flexible but I know that won’t last so keeping supple is key to reducing the risk of injuries whilst surfing.
3.Everything in moderation – I never cut things out of my diet, I find eating healthy comes easy to me but everyone deserves a cheat every now and again.

When you’re not catching waves, where would we likely to find you?

When I’m not surfing I am either:
Working and by that I mean updating my website and sharing pics on Instagram, Chilling with my friends and boyfriend, or cooking; it’s my favourite thing to do when I have down time!

Could you give us your top 5 surfing tips for our aspiring readers?
Surf as much as you can.
2. Paddle harder than you already do – You’ll get way more waves that way.
3. Watch yourself Surf. Trust me everyone surfs way better in their head than they do in reality! It’s a great way to improve.
4. Get the right custom board! I have been held back so much by surfing bad boards… Now I am Surfing the right boards for me. Stay tuned Ladies because I have an exciting NEW Range coming out with Fourth Surfboards which are perfect for chicks!
5. Have fun! Surfing is meant to be fun so don’t get stressed if you fall on your take off or miss that wave. Just enjoy being out in the ocean!

corine evweh

Still getting over the news of Kelly Slater’s departure from Quiksilver?

A hot day in July, 2013; After travelling 21 hours, catching three flights (missing one) and then driving a further 2 hours, we finally arrive at our hotel in Huntington California: just in time for the 2013 Van’s US Open of Surfing to begin.  We’re here to see our man… my idol, Kelly Slater.


On the day the competition we arrive at the beach at 5am local time, where, to my surprise the beach is alive. Its cold, dull and I’m sure it was raining – not the weather I expect to find here at all, but that was all about to change when I see Kelly running into the water.

Obviously almost a year after the event, it would come as no surprise to anyone who reads this to say I was more than a little disappointed when Slater was knocked out by a mere half point at the hands of Michel Bourez. Riding a brand new Epoxy Four Fin, I watched as the Champion made some uncharacteristic mistakes which ultimately cost him at Huntington.

“He won’t be with Quiksilver for much longer” my travelling companion, and fellow fan of Slater mumbles to me whilst we watch him walk out of the water from the pier.

Nevermind, almost a year has past and we’re now planning our next festival adventure, then I read the news yesterday and the memories of Huntington and my friends prediction hit me immediately. I’ve no idea how he could have predicted something like this!

Revealing via social media, Kelly told the world on April 2nd 2014, that the 23 year partnership with Quiksilver has come to an end and that he would be now sponsored by The Kering Group.


“There is little I can say that would give the credit due or cover the debt of gratitude I feel on a personal and professional level to Quiksilver. As a brand and on a human level, they have been a part of my life, career, and personal relationships for more than 23 years now, well over half my life. They’ve supported me through good times and bad, personal hardships and competitive triumphs, and never wavered in backing my choices and desires in all that time.” – Kelly Slater

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering who The Kering Group is… I for one had to Google it! (This was frowned upon by my colleagues here at Urban Surfer as we are an active stockist of Volcom goods – but as I’m currently the new guy here they have let me off … just this once).

In regards to the surfing community The Kering Group are best known for their main brand, Volcom. They are a world leader in specialising in awesome apparel and accessories.

Of course, I don’t want this piece to sound negative, because, I am, more than anyone – super excited to see what lies ahead for Kelly and I cant wait to see him on the waves again this year!
I’ll leave you with the final part of Kelly’s announcement, and I hope you’re all as excited about it as I am! See you on the waves!

“I am excited to tell you that I’ve chosen The Kering Group as a partner. They share my values and have the ability to support me in all of my endeavors. I look forward to exploring all of the new opportunities this partnership will provide, but this hasn’t happened by chance, nor has it happened without an incredible amount of work by a few key individuals. As I embark on this new journey, I am sticking to my gut instincts and the belief that your dreams can become reality with the right intentions. I look forward to sharing more about it soon…”

Bethany Hamilton Wins Surf-N-Sea Pipeline’s Woman’s Pro


Fending off fierce competition from three other surfers, Bethany Hamilton ends her ten year drought winning the Surf-N-Sea Pipeline’s Woman’s Pro, a world renowned event in women’s surfing.

If you look up ‘Inspirational’ in the dictionary, there should be an image of Bethany Hamilton.
Having accomplished one of the best accident comebacks in sporting history (her success comes 11 years after having lost her arm in an almost fatal shark attack);
the 24 year old has been busy falling in love and hosting surfing contests prior to this huge win.

We wish Bethany an incredible 2014! Truly awesome!

Spring Has Sprung!

It is officially Spring 2014 and we are getting pretty excited at our new Spring/ Summer stock that is arriving thick and fast!

So… we’ve decided to give you a sneaky peak at what’s new below:


Gandy’s Flip Flops


Gandy’s are an amazing brand who’s products are not only known for their fashion forward comfort, functionality and simplicity but they are also in support of a fantastic cause; Orphans for Orphans.

Orphans for Orphans is an organisation dedicated to brightening the lives of orphaned children and young people who’s lives have been struck by disaster and who are raised in less developed countries.

If you ever needed an excuse to buy some funky footwear, there it is!

Our first Gandys flip flops have just arrived and more colours will be on their way soon. Take a look here:




This year, Animal have not only launched yet another range of wicked lifestyle and action sports clothing, but this year they are really flaunting their union with their team riders. Their Spring/ Summer 2014 collection are modelled by the lovely, Corrine Evans – British surfer and model (Above) and the awesome, Marcus Payne, UK skater (below).


From cool and collected Tshirts, to stunning yet practical women’s swimwear; check out the new Animal range here:


New Era Kids

Not forgetting the little urban surfers; New era have brought us another fantastic collection of head wear for the little ones. Whether they are a team supporter, they need something to protect their head form the sun, or maybe they were just born with a developed sense of style, these caps are sure to fit the bill.


Our new Era Spring Summer 2014 collection ranges from caps in infant sizes right up to adults! Be sure not to miss out – you can view all New era products here:


With an abundance of new and exciting products flying through our warehouse doors and straight onto the site, visit now to make sure you get the best of the bunch!


British Surfer Andrew Cotton Attempts to Break World Record

This week we saw British Surfer, Andrew Cotton, from Devon, attempted to break the world record for surfing the world’s largest wave.AndrewCotton_Wave

Crowds gathered along the cliff tops of Praia do Norte beach, Portugal, watching in awe as Cotton was towed on a jet ski to the top of the wave by fellow record breaking surfer, Garrett McNamara and was left to ride the 80ft wave alone.

Cotton is now awaiting the results of his ride. Judges, Billabong, are set to reveal the news on whether or not a new world record has been made in March 2014.

Is this s new world record? We will soon see!