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Spring 2014 Converse Shoes

It’s what every Urban Surfer fan looks forward to – the new collection of Converse shoes.

We’ve received our first new collection of Converse shoes for 2014 and they’re all on the site ready for your perusal!.

2014 seasonal colour – Old Silver.

The popular Star Player in 2014 colours from £44.99



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New Era Accessories

We’re not just about New Era caps and beanies here at Urban Surfer. We want you to be able to look after your cap collection too. That’s why we stock a range of accessories including official New Era brushes, carriers, storage systems and cleaners.

From just £5.00 including free UK delivery, there’s no reason not to take good care of your New Era hat!

Storage system £15

2 pack hat carrier £15

6 Pack Carrier £25


24 hat carrier. £30


Cleaning kit £30

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Do you know your Hellaflex from your S-Trac?

Sometimes all you want is a comfy pair of shoes that will allow you trouble-free skating. When you’re looking at a new pair of skate shoes do you really know what Hellaflex or S-Trac means? Will it provide you with protection when you’re on the half pipe? That’s all you really want to know.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know Globe have a handy tech guide for their shoes. So now you need to fear not what those gobbledygook words actually mean!

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Globe Spring 2014 Now Available

We barely had time to get back into the swing of things after a relaxing Christmas holiday when our warehouse buzzer was pressed by the courier delivery the first of our Spring 2014 collection. The first off the van and onto our website are 10 exciting new colours in the popular Globe models of Encore 2, Encore Generation, TB, Tilt, Mahalo and Motley.

We’re famous for our Globe collection having one of the largest and frequently updated collection in Europe so it’s no surprise that it’s not even official Spring yet and we already have 10 new products!

So, take a look at our Globe collection now and grab the new season shoes before anyone else.

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Brand Watch – Gandys Flip Flops

You’re bound to have heard of Gandy’s right? They’ve really kicked up a storm this summer with their range of flip flops! Well next summer, their range is even bigger and better and will be sold right here at Urban Surfer!

Gandys are a stylish and vibrant flip flop brand with a real story and purpose behind it! The brand was started by two passionate brothers who were tragically orphaned by the infamous Boxing Day Tsunami which they only narrowly avoided themselves. Following this disaster they wanted to create a positive spin and so created the Orphans for Orphans campaign which targets to open children’s homes in India and beyond.

In 2014, they expect to have sold over 200,000 pairs of flip flops. If and when they do, they’ll have made enough money to open the first Gandys children’s home!

Urban Surfer can’t wait to be a part of the story and so in Summer 2014 you’ll be ale to buy Gandys flip flops right here and help contribute to this impressive story!

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Brand Watch – 47 Brand

Over the past month or so we’ve been busy looking ahead to what’s going to be hot in 2014 and what we should be stocking here at Urban Surfer. We came across a cap brand called 47 Brand who’s a licensed partner of many American sports leagues and thought wow, this is going to be the next big thing!

47 Brand was originally named Twins Enterprise but in 1947 started hand crafting felt pennants. Fast forward to 2005 and the family run business joined forces with a small apparel brand and the name 47 Brand was born!

47 Brand is stocked all over the globe and will be coming to Urban Surfer very shortly!

Lately, Forty Seven have sponsored the World DJ Championships in Vancouver, Canada!

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