Do you know your Hellaflex from your S-Trac?

Sometimes all you want is a comfy pair of shoes that will allow you trouble-free skating. When you’re looking at a new pair of skate shoes do you really know what Hellaflex or S-Trac means? Will it provide you with protection when you’re on the half pipe? That’s all you really want to know.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know Globe have a handy tech guide for their shoes. So now you need to fear not what those gobbledygook words actually mean!

Globe Spring 2014 Now Available

We barely had time to get back into the swing of things after a relaxing Christmas holiday when our warehouse buzzer was pressed by the courier delivery the first of our Spring 2014 collection. The first off the van and onto our website are 10 exciting new colours in the popular Globe models of Encore 2, Encore Generation, TB, Tilt, Mahalo and Motley.

We’re famous for our Globe collection having one of the largest and frequently updated collection in Europe so it’s no surprise that it’s not even official Spring yet and we already have 10 new products!

So, take a look at our Globe collection now and grab the new season shoes before anyone else.

Talking with Taj

So, we’ve been talking with one of our favourite surfers – Taj Burrow! Globe’s Aussie veteran spoke to us about the tour, changes and everyone’s favourite US TV show - Breaking Bad!


Read our interview with Taj below

US: Hi Taj. Thanks for talking to us! We’re nearly through with 2013. What have you been up to this year?

TB: I’ve been competing on tour and having some fun in between events. I’ve spent lots of time on the road, but i do love it. And come Dec 20th, I get a few months off for the summer at home which is always exciting.

US: It must be awesome having Christmas in Summer… Let’s go right back to the beginning. What got you into surfing?

TB: My parents. They both surf everyday, even more than me! So it was inevitable that I’d be a surfer.

US: Keeping it in the family, cool. You made your tour debut way back in 1998. Without making you sound old, what’s changed about the sport since then?

TB: The tour was rough then. Nobody was very good friends or sportsmen, everyone seemed to hate each other and always vibe each other out. It’s a lot friendlier now and we’re also spoiled a lot more these days. Surfers are treated like kings and even too much so sometimes haha.

US: And what about you personally - Have you changed/adapted your style and is it hard work?


TB: I have changed a few minor things just to suit the judging criteria. I would rather do certain turns, say throw my tail for example but realistically doing a carve, although much easier, seems to score more. Throwing spray is what the judges like to see. So yeah, just stuff like that.

US: Are you still as passionate about surfing now as you were when you first started out?

TB: Yep, 100%. I love it.

US: Good stuff! You’ve won a mighty 11 ASP events during your career. Whilst they’re all amazing achievements, there must be one or two that stand out for you?

TB: To be honest, they all feel equally as good. It’s really hard winning a world tour event. When you come out on top of the worlds best it feels incredible no matter where it is.

US: You’ve surfed all over the globe, but where would you say is your favourite surf spot?

TB: Home sweet home is by far the best, but, I also enjoy Indo.

Globe Team surfing at YoYo's, Sumbawa, Indonesia

US: Speaking of spots – have you ever surfed here in the UK?

TB: Yeah, Newquay! I won that event when I was about 18. I loved it!

US: Awesome, we love Newquay! We’ve heard a lot about Taj’s Small Fries. It must be awesome to see the next generation of Aussie surfers hit Yallingup?

TB: Yeah it’s really cool seeing the young ones throw on their oversized jerseys and thresh around. I love supporting the groms!

US: Does the future look good for Australian surfers?

TB: It most definitely does. Kids are incredible these days. The future of surfing is going to be wild!

US: That’s what we want to hear! Globe, one of our most popular brands, are one of your sponsors. What are they like to work with?

TB: Globe is the sickest brand ever! I’ve been with these guys my whole surfing career. Basically when I became pro they started the company, I’ve been with them from the beginning. They are the coolest crew, they make such amazing shoes and the best thing of all is their surf movies! They work hard and it shows. Joe G is the man.

US: So you’ve both grown as surfers and a company together? Awesome. You’ve designed a whole load of shoes for Globe, including the TB. What is your thinking behind the shoes?

TB: Times have changed a bunch through my career, I just like whatever is best at the time.

US: Can you name your favourite Globe shoe? Apart from your own!

TB: I like the Los Angered, The Motley mid and the Quantum Mid.

US: Great choices, some of which are available at Urban Surfer ;-) Let’s finish with a few randoms: Surfing is done. Work is done. What do you do to chill?

TB: Watch TV. I love Breaking Bad, Family Guy and UFC, is that weird? haha. I also play a little tennis and I love good music! Especially live.

US: Definitely not! Anything involving Breaking Bad is good. It’s taken our office by storm. You can’t beat live music. Who’s your favourite band/artist?

TB: I have a bunch, it would be unfair to name just one.

US: And finally, what’s next for Taj Burrow?

TB: I just wanna have fun whatever it is :)

And that concludes our interview with Taj! We’d like to think both Taj and Globe for this awesome oppertunity.

Best of luck in the future, Taj!

Beavis & Butt-Head Arrive!

As we get ever closer to the standard freezing, rainy, miserable weather Autumn will bring, our deliveries for the new season continue to arrive.

This week, we got treated to two very interesting items from Globe. A new cruiserboard and a new pair of shoes. Instead of being you know, a standard board or a normal pair of shoes, these had some very special artwork on/in: Beavis and Butt-Head!


Beavis and Butt-Head doesn’t really need an introduction. But! I’m nice. I’ll give you one anyway. It’s an American cartoon that started way back in 1993 and ending in 2011. It’s nearly as old as me! Reruns have made the series just as popular today and is why Globe have decided to whack character faces on a board and shoe. It’s not just any old art, though. It’s new, original art from series creator Mike Judge!

Want to know more about the products? Ok!

Beavis & Butthead Motley Shoes

The Motley shoes are a Globe classic. Perfect for skating, the shoe is made from shaved suede and designed in a thin, low profile style. Now, they have original artwork from B&BH artwork from Mike Judge! How cool?


Butt-Head Cruiserboard

Next we have the Butt-Head Cruiserboard (below centre). The Butt-Head cruiser features original art by Mike Judge on a fun but functional shape. It’s a 32″ x 9″ board with 60mm 83A wheels made from 7-ply maple.



What do you think of our new Beavis and Butthead gear? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter at and @urbansurferuk.

SALE! Globe’s that don’t cost the Earth

I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling the negative after effects of a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, probably should have said no to that last drink and just called it a day. What better way to cheer you up and restore your faith in there being good in the world than some top deals on shoes. If you’re like me and a tight-fisted so and so, but still want quality footwear, our Sale page has the answer. Right now we have loads of Globe‘s up on there for some seriously good prices.

Sale, Globe Globe Banshee Shoe,down to £29.96 from £46.00, that’s about a third off the original price. A light weight low cut canvas shoe in a classic skate style. A good shoe anyway but a bargain at this price. Also available in black for £32.19.


Sale, GlobeGlobe Fate Shoe, down to £32.19 from £46.00, a 30% reduction from original price. Another low profile skate shoe in a classic style. Black suede with a vulcanised sole, light weight with minimal padding.


Sale, GlobeWe have mid-tops too! Globe Motley Mid Shoe. Was £50.00 but now down to £37.50, saving a quarter from the original ticket price. Made with black suede and Ripstop Nylon for extra durability.


We have loads of other Globe shoes and other skate product up on the sale page, so if you’re not down with what I’ve posted here, have a look over there and see if you can pick up yourself a nice bargain.

Here’s Chris Haslam’s United By Fate video part to show you why Globe Shoes are awesome. Some amazing skateboarding here, he’s easily as good a skater as his beard is big!

Just before I go I just want to give you a heads up on the event at R-Kade Skatepark (Redcar) tomorrow.  If you have the chance I recommend you get yourself there even if it’s just to listen to Churchill MC the event. All details below.




Cruiserboards, surfing the concrete wave.

Cruiserboards, I haven’t blogged anything about these yet. In fact if you have a look back at my previous posts you’ll see that I usually focus only on street skating and park skating. That’s because I’m a street skater myself, although now I hit up a lot of parks more than I ever used to. Street skating is how I got into skateboarding, when I started there were no real outdoor parks and the nearest indoor park was 45 minutes in the car and a lifetime on the bus, so street skating was all we had then. Today there are outdoor parks in almost any direction you choose to travel. Most people have a park that can be reached easily and quickly enough by bus or car, some people only have to skate down the street to their local park.

With the increased number of skateparks, and of skateboarding as a whole, we’re obviously going to see more skateboarders appearing on the scene. Not just new school street skaters though, we’re seeing old school carving and cruising skaters coming into the parks more and more. I don’t only mean the older guys that used to skate dusting off their old Alva’s and Kryptonics. There are kids in the parks now that are all about the carve, riding bowls and transitions, finding the perfect line, slashing grinds out over the coping all surfer style.

Stairs, ledges and handrails are not for everyone, and who could blame them, the potential for injury is obviously higher. Kickflips and technical wizardry doesn’t appeal to everyone, some people just like the feeling of travelling on a board. Whether it’s cruising down a footpath to the shops or surfing it in a bowl, travelling on your board sometimes just can’t be beaten.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Well, here at we stock a range of Cruiserboards specifically for cruising about and surfing those concrete waves, completes too so they’re ready to rip. Here are a couple of my favourites.

globe-continental-complete-cruiserboardThis Globe Continental Complete Cruiserboard is an 8-ply bamboo longboard. Being made from bamboo it gives it extra flexibility allowing for a mellow concave. It comes with 180mm slant inverted trucks, ABEC-7 bearings and 65mm 83A wheels. Having nice soft wheels means better grip than you would get from a harder street wheel. You’ll be able to push right through the corners without the fear of sliding out, and with those ABEC-7s in there you’ll be picking up some serious speed on those downhills.

These Globe Bantam STs are great little Cruiserboards. They are based on the original skateboards that started to emerge in the 1950s and 60s and shaped like a miniature surfboard. Every skateboarder should have one of these just for the fun factor, ripping it around a bowl on one of these is so good. Available in a range of different colours, all you have to do is pick one, pay for it and ride it.

globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-red-grey-yellow globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-pink-off-white-turquoise globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-tur-wht-or globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-lime-black-yellow globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-sun-black-red globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-black-red-turquoise

If these boards are not quite what you are you looking for then have a look over to our website at and have a browse through our selection. We have a variety of Cruiserboards, choose from different designs and colours, you can even build you’re own Bantam to your preference.

Here is a nice advert from Globe for the Bantam, enjoy.

Now for some serious downhilling and super fast speeds.


Accessories: You know you need ‘em!

Accessories, although I’ve already made a few posts on product I’ve really only mentioned a few caps that we stock here at and not yet told you about any of the other great accessories we have for you. So in today’s blog I’m going to show you a few of my favorites.


First up Belts, we actually have over a hundred belts up on the website at the moment so choosing just one favorite was difficult, so here’s three that I think you’ll like. We have a nice brown leather Santa Cruz belt (left) with a cool metal buckle. Santa Cruz have been established for a long time now so know their stuff, your jeans have no fear of being unexpectedly dropped with this belt. If that belt isn’t really your style and a bit big and heavy how about the Globe belt (center), made from nylon and lightweight, fully adjustable buckle so one size fits all, only ten English Sterling too, bargain. The DC Shoe Company belt (right) is so nice you could wear it for best. Black 100% leather with a black buckle, nice and smart, suitable for all important events, weddings, funerals, job interviews and skateboarding.

santa-cruz-mf-dot-leather-belt-brown          globe-redman-belt-red          dc-belt-star-3-belt-black



Under-crackers, you know, duds, kegs, boxers, underpants. Unless you roll commando, you need under-crackers. If you are unlucky enough to have your jeans fall around your ankles the last thing you want is to be caught out in your old Y-fronts. So, check these bad boys out, Bawbags, yes that’s right Bawbags! As you can guess from the name of these kegs they don’t take themselves too seriously and like a laugh, you can see this from their designs, check out the Guns and Bananas pair below. Now you can skate in confidence knowing that you’re covered if your jeans fall down and you can be like “Yeah, look at my Bawbags!”

Bawbags banana and guns boxers           bawbags camo boxers           bawbags-cockerel-boxer-shorts-red




Everyone needs a wallet, keeping your money in your shoe just doesn’t cut it, have you ever tried skating with a shoe full shrapnel? No, I didn’t think so, you keep it in a wallet like all sane people. I’ve picked out a couple of nice ones for you to have a look at. First up, a wallet from Independent, I could go into detail but it’s made by Independent and it’s a wallet, nuff said.


Next up, if you’re not down with the Independent wallet maybe this wallet from Santa Cruz is what you’re looking for. It has the famous Jim Phillips screaming hand logo on the front, well made, nice colours and the logo is cool. If you’re not into this wallet then I’m thinking maybe you should be made to keep your change in your shoe for a couple of weeks, purely for educational purposes, so you learn to appreciate a good wallet when you see one.

Before I go I’ll leave you with a couple of videos to keep your skateboarding addiction satisfied and in check. First though, I want to remind you that we have new product, and accessories, coming in all the time and you don’t have to rely on me to keep you informed. Just click on the “New Products” tab on the menu bar which will direct you to the new arrivals and be the first to order it on-line via our website at

So I repped a couple of Santa Cruz products there, lets have a Santa Cruz rider first. This is Emmanuel Guzman’s part from Thrasher Skateboard Magazine’s  ”Prevent this Tragedy” video release, this guy has got skills, check it out.

Next up, seeing as I have my nose shoved up the backside of Independent Truck Company we’ll have an Indy rider. Here is Leo Remero’s section from Emerica‘s “Stay Gold”. Leo grinds up hand rails, need I say more!?



Gnarly Product for Gnarly Skaters.

Gnarly Product for Gnarly Skaters.

You’ll remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about ghetto style product for all the fresh skaters out there, this week its all about the Gnarl. When you think of the classic rock-star style gnarly skaters out there names like Heath Kirchart, Geoff Rowley, Ali Boulala and Chris Cole might spring to mind. There are of course many more names out there that have hammered the big hand rails but I want to look at that ‘all black attack’ style. Lets see if I can kit you out in something along those lines from our stock at Urban Surfer HQ.

The bottom half.


Right, first up are these Brandon Westgate‘s on Emerica. Vulcanized so you can feel your board under your feet giving extra control while popping on to that immense handrail. Mid-top for extra ankle protection and support, ankles take a lot of punishment jumping down the big stuff, one less thing to think about with these bad boys on.


Not down with the mid-tops? How about these Globes? The Sabbath, designed by David Gonzalez. These shoes are also Vulcanized for that extra board feel and have extra features to improve on durability and heel protection. If The Sabbath is as tough as David then you’re going to be hard pressed to find another shoe as strong as these.


As a rule you’re probably not going to be hitting hand rails in your undercrackers and you’re going to be wanting something suitable for hitting up the gnarl. These Saratoga jeans by Emerica are perfect for this, an extra slim fit so there is no chance of you getting the rail/ledge, board or feet tangled up in your own jeans ending in a crash course in playing the head-bongo.


Those Emerica Jeans too tight for you? Got knees like puddings? Feel like your junk is all on show? How about these Death or Glory jeans from Globe? Again, slim fitting jeans, but leaving enough room for you to move comfortably without restrictions. A good solid pair of jeans here, you buy a these and it’s money well spent.

The top half.


What about the top half? You can do hand rails with your chesticles out if you want but that gravel rash is going to sting. What you need is a T-shirt with a Heavy Metal skull logo on the front so you can scare the hand rail into submission. This Famous Stars and StrapsSickadelia T-shirt has got that covered, you’ll scare the paint clean off a hand rail in this.


We’re going all Heath Kirchart style with this Snake Mountain shirt from Globe. A nice shirt from Globe here, if you mean business you should at least smarten up and dress like you’re the man for the job. I’m a big fan of the ‘all black attack’ with the shirt, I remember for a while I used to think I was Heath in my black shirt, minus the amazing skateboarding skills.


You’re going to want something on your head to keep that hair out of your eyes. What you need is this Black Snap Back cap from Volcom Stone get it on back to front so the peak is out of the way and you can see where you are going while at the same time keeping your hair out of your eyes.

Get amped, go skate.

So, now you’re all kitted out in your new gnarly product your going to need some video footage to get you amped up for some serious skating and jumping down the big stuff.

First Heath Kirchart’s video part from the Emerica Stay Gold DVD, you see the shirt and backwards cap make a few appearances here, plus a complete turn around to ‘all white attack’.

Next is Chris Cole’s video part from Zero’s New Blood

Last but no means least is Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, this is a compilation of the biggest gaps and stairs he has done, check it out.



After the Sun goes down..

Hi all! Are we all excited for the sun? All at Urban Surfer certainly are!

But, unfortunately, It won’t be sunny all of the time. Like at a festival. Standing watching bands then the sun goes down. It can get pretty chilly! Therefore, a hoodie or jacket from Urban Surfer is needed! It’s all you’ll need to stay nice and warm during the cool summer nights.

The Vox Hoodie is up first. This comes in two awesome colours – Vintage Black and Red. They’re zip through fleeces with hoods and are a regular fit. The coolest thing is in the hood – it has headphones in! It’s washable and all integrated.

sun goes down - globe vox hoodie red

Sun goes down - Globe Vox Hoodie







Next, we have something from EnjoiThe Panda Patch Hoodie! The slim fitting hoodie from Enjoi is a pullover hooded fleece and it has a big kangaroo pocket. It is completed by the legendary Enjoi panda logo. Who doesn’t want a hoodie with a panda on it?!

Enjoi Panda Patch Pullover

Enjoi Panda Patch Pullover







Let out your inner-sportsman with this Hewes Letterman jacket from Majestic. It is official merchandise from Major League Baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers! The jacket has metal stud fastening and has branding from the LA Dodgers, MLB and Majestic in various spots.


Or how about a classic? The Harrington Jacket from Merc.  It has traditional stying including soft ribbed cuffs and hem. It’ll look great this festival season.

merc harrington

Finally, we have the Turner Hoodie from Globe. This is available in a few different colours but the Evergreen is my personal favourite. It’s a zip through hooded fleece and is a regular fit.

Like them? We hope you do! Don’t forget that you can get 20% off everything in the run up to Fathers Day too! Simply enter the code ‘ilovemydad’ at the checkout and the discount is yours.