Do you know your Hellaflex from your S-Trac?

Sometimes all you want is a comfy pair of shoes that will allow you trouble-free skating. When you’re looking at a new pair of skate shoes do you really know what Hellaflex or S-Trac means? Will it provide you with protection when you’re on the half pipe? That’s all you really want to know.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know Globe have a handy tech guide for their shoes. So now you need to fear not what those gobbledygook words actually mean!

Vans, Downtown Showdown 2013 Paris, Geoff Rowley’s Battle Commander


Vans, Downtown Showdown 2013 Paris posterVans, Downtown Showdown 2013 went down in Paris at the weekend. If you were not lucky enough to catch the live feed it is still up and running and available to stream at the link below or click on the image to the right. (I tried to attach the feed directly to the page but not one of the methods I used would embed it to the page so you’ll have to follow the link to the actual webpage, sorry about that)

Vans, Downtown Showdown 2013 Paris

For those of you that don’t know, here’s a quick run down of the format and who’s competing at the event. Basically, Vans invites Skateboard companies to the event and to also design a fun obstacle to skate during the competition. Four of the best designs are chosen. Each obstacle is skated on in jam session format for an hour with two members of each team skating at any one time. Skaters are judged on their ability and originality of their skating. Some of the teams this year are Amitz, Cliche, Blind, Radio, Palace, Death, Element and Flip (there are more, but off the top of my head that is all I can remember). As far as actual skaters in the event there are about 20 competing in each event at a time so it’s difficult to keep up. Names to look out for are Luan Oliveira, Geoff Rowley, Louis Lopez, Rob Smith, Nick Jensen, Lucien Clarke, actually, I reckon you should just head on over to the stream feed and get it watched just so I don’t have to type everyone’s name in.

As well as the Vans Downtown Showdown, (Vans and Volcom rider) Geoff Rowley’s long awaited Battle Commander also went live at the weekend. This is worth checking out, guest appearances from Jamie Thomas, Mark Appleyard, David Gonzalez and more. Click on the image below to get to The Berrics Website and Geoff’s Battle Commander.



New Emerica shoes, Reynolds, Provost and Heretic

Why not treat your feet? We’ve had some new Emerica shoes land in the week and it’s up on the website now for you to check out and buy. I always look forward to the new Emerica shoes, I like the shoe styles and the skaters that ride for them. I like what they represent, how the interests of skateboarders and skateboarding are core to the Emerica products. anyway, enough banging on about how much I like Emerica’s shoes, here’s some of what landed this week.

Andrew Reynolds

New Emerica Shoe, ReynoldsReynolds new Emerica shoe, mid-top pro model design. Smooth suede. Breathable tongue. Cold air intake to keep feet cool. One solid upper panel covers toe and Ollie area for better durability. New lightweight flexible cupsole features high-impact full-length high rebound foam midsole. Gum rubber outsole to improve stability. Triangle Tread pattern and solid heel tread panel for maximum grip and to reduce wear.

New Emerica Shoe, Provost New pro model designed by Collin Provost. Breathable tongue. Cold air intake to keep feet cool. Clean toe design and Ollie area for extra durability. New high-rebound lightweight foam footbed cushions bottom of feet. New outsole with high-abrasion pods reduce heel and toe drag wear. Triangle Tread gum rubber outsole provide great board feel and maximum grip for better skating.

New Emerica Shoe, Heretic The Heritic Shoe. New style design to meet the demands of the modern skater. Smooth suede. Seamless toecap and Ollie area for extra durability. Foam footbed cushions bottom of feet. New lightweight flexible cupsole features high-impact full-length high rebound foam midsole. Triangle Tread pattern and solid heel tread panel for maximum grip and to reduce wear.

So, some nice offerings from Emerica once again. You’ll notice that they are adopting the complete toe cap and the seamless toecap. These features eliminate the problems caused by the stitching undoing itself after a couple of days shredding. Like I said before Emerica have the skateboarders interests at heart and by adding these features the life of your shoes is extended, saving you a few quid in the process, good work Emerica.

We’ve got other new Emerica shoes that have landed this week too, as well as a new range of Etnies, head on over to our website to check them all out.

I’ll leave you with some video parts from Reynolds and Provost so you’ll be a like “Whoa, he’s cool, I’ll buy his shoes so I can be also be cool and in doing so win the admiration of my peers!”

Reynolds, Stay Gold B-Sides.

Provost, Stay Gold B-Sides.

And a little treat here of a Emerica UK tour.


Gnarly Product for Gnarly Skaters.

Gnarly Product for Gnarly Skaters.

You’ll remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about ghetto style product for all the fresh skaters out there, this week its all about the Gnarl. When you think of the classic rock-star style gnarly skaters out there names like Heath Kirchart, Geoff Rowley, Ali Boulala and Chris Cole might spring to mind. There are of course many more names out there that have hammered the big hand rails but I want to look at that ‘all black attack’ style. Lets see if I can kit you out in something along those lines from our stock at Urban Surfer HQ.

The bottom half.


Right, first up are these Brandon Westgate‘s on Emerica. Vulcanized so you can feel your board under your feet giving extra control while popping on to that immense handrail. Mid-top for extra ankle protection and support, ankles take a lot of punishment jumping down the big stuff, one less thing to think about with these bad boys on.


Not down with the mid-tops? How about these Globes? The Sabbath, designed by David Gonzalez. These shoes are also Vulcanized for that extra board feel and have extra features to improve on durability and heel protection. If The Sabbath is as tough as David then you’re going to be hard pressed to find another shoe as strong as these.


As a rule you’re probably not going to be hitting hand rails in your undercrackers and you’re going to be wanting something suitable for hitting up the gnarl. These Saratoga jeans by Emerica are perfect for this, an extra slim fit so there is no chance of you getting the rail/ledge, board or feet tangled up in your own jeans ending in a crash course in playing the head-bongo.


Those Emerica Jeans too tight for you? Got knees like puddings? Feel like your junk is all on show? How about these Death or Glory jeans from Globe? Again, slim fitting jeans, but leaving enough room for you to move comfortably without restrictions. A good solid pair of jeans here, you buy a these and it’s money well spent.

The top half.


What about the top half? You can do hand rails with your chesticles out if you want but that gravel rash is going to sting. What you need is a T-shirt with a Heavy Metal skull logo on the front so you can scare the hand rail into submission. This Famous Stars and StrapsSickadelia T-shirt has got that covered, you’ll scare the paint clean off a hand rail in this.


We’re going all Heath Kirchart style with this Snake Mountain shirt from Globe. A nice shirt from Globe here, if you mean business you should at least smarten up and dress like you’re the man for the job. I’m a big fan of the ‘all black attack’ with the shirt, I remember for a while I used to think I was Heath in my black shirt, minus the amazing skateboarding skills.


You’re going to want something on your head to keep that hair out of your eyes. What you need is this Black Snap Back cap from Volcom Stone get it on back to front so the peak is out of the way and you can see where you are going while at the same time keeping your hair out of your eyes.

Get amped, go skate.

So, now you’re all kitted out in your new gnarly product your going to need some video footage to get you amped up for some serious skating and jumping down the big stuff.

First Heath Kirchart’s video part from the Emerica Stay Gold DVD, you see the shirt and backwards cap make a few appearances here, plus a complete turn around to ‘all white attack’.

Next is Chris Cole’s video part from Zero’s New Blood

Last but no means least is Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, this is a compilation of the biggest gaps and stairs he has done, check it out.



Anth’s Most Wanted Skate Product

“Anth’s Most Wanted Skate Product” is basically me hawk-eyeing it over stock that comes into HQ and picking out stuff that I want for myself, but can’t afford, in the hope that you will take pity on me and buy it as a no-strings-attached gift. No, ignore that last part, I’m actually picking these out because there is new stock coming in all the time that you might not be aware of. I don’t want you to miss out on these things and to be fair I can’t see why anyone would want to continue skateboarding without these fine products.

Globe’s shoe the Sabre is a solid skate shoe and now available in three new colour ways. I’ve an unhealthy fixation with white skate shoes, I don’t know why, maybe it helps me see where my feet are while skating, whatever the reason I’m down with the white ones!

globe-product-sabre-shoes-white-glacier-moto-green globe-product-sabre-shoes-black-black-white globe-product-sabre-shoes-black-charcoal-true-red

 So you’re out skating with your crew when what’s-his-name, the mental one, with blatant disregard for his own safety, decides he’s going to try that crusty ledge again. “Damn” you think to yourself, “Last time he ended up in the bush, I wish I had a backpack to carry all my stuff and I could film this!” Happens all the time, right? Well lookie here, this bag is just what you need. A nice bit of Vans product, loads of pockets and space to keep your stuff in, tons of padding, a section for your laptop and even a protected media pocket with audio port. Just pop your camera in as well and you’ll have a mobile media suite.

vans-5-0-skate-pack-black-checks (1) Stake Pack Black Checks vans-5-0-skate-pack-black-checks (2)

independent-blacklight-vest-black I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can’t go wrong with the Independent products. Summer is here and you’re gonna want to get those guns out and catch a few rays, you’ll need a vest for that. If you’re going to buy any vest it has to be this one, it makes all other vests seem inferior in comparison. It’s a blacklight too which means it glows under a UV light so when you’re down the local disco you’re all like “Oooh! Psychedelic!”

You can click on any of the images to get your self over to our on-line store at and buy these fine items or if your not liking my most wanted have a look around, you’ll find something you like. I’m going to leave you with a couple of videos, Globe rider David Gonzalez’s “Possessed to Skate” video part for Thrasher Magazine and Vans Rider Geoff Rowley’s part form the 2002 Flip video “Sorry”, two really gnarly skaters here hitting up some crazy handrails and all kinds of scary stuff. They both ride for Independent too so that ties in really well with the product push.

David Gonzalez “Possessed to Skate”

Geoff Rowley “Sorry”




Reynolds, Richie Jackson, Jenkem, Puleo and more skate news.

Well it looks like my twisting about the weather the other day scored us one or two nice days over the Bank Holiday weekend. I hope you all made the most of it by getting your skate on.

I’m going to assume that you’ve all been out skateboarding the entire weekend and haven’t had time to trawl the internet for the latest video clips or keep up on the latest goings on, so I’ve picked out a few gems for you. There’s been some cool stuff pop up I think you’ll enjoy checking out.

You might have seen this but if you haven’t or, if in the unlikely event, you don’t know who Andrew Reynolds is you have to check out the video that has been posted by Know Skateboarding on their Youtube Channel. It’s a mixtape of footage made up of some of the best tricks of previous video parts Reynolds has made right up to the present day. Watching this you can see why Reynolds is one of the greatest skateboarders there is, he might have been skating for about as long as any of the other veterans out there but he hasn’t eased off at all and still putting down the hammers. He’s not called The Boss for nothing!

Richie Jackson, he looks like an interesting character right? If he’s as far out as his facial hair he’s got to be fun. Well, NetworkA have given him his own show. So far only two episodes have been released but they are definitely worth checking out, I don’t want to spoil it for you so have a look for yourself, the trick-tips segments are brilliant.

Untitled-2“I’m really into Jenkem right now!” A statement you might not hear every day (look up Jenkem in the urban dictionary to find out why), Jenkem is an on-line Skateboard Magazine that you should really be taking a look at.The guys running the show over there really know their stuff, covering pretty much everything you can think of, articles on the latest skateboarding news, who is riding for who, interviews, the effects of corporate takeover, commercialisation and globalisation on skateboarding as well as fun articles on things like the “5 types of skaters you will meet at college“, get yourself over there at, have a dig through their posts you’re bound to find something that interests or entertains you. You can also like their Jenkem Facebook page which will keep you up to date on any new posts they’ve made.  I really do like this website, keep up the good work guys!

Youtube channel SkateCamz2 has been posting the entire broadcasts of the XGames Barcelona 2013 Street League events, I mentioned this last week but if you where unable to catch the live broadcast then you can catch up with it all by going over to the SkatCamz2 channel right now. If you don’t want to watch the whole broadcast watch the video below to see who won the finals. (You might want to skip the first 18 minutes)

Some new Bobby Puleo footage has appeared on Youtube, I’ve no idea what the deal is with this other than a Youtube account TimandVic131 was opened on the 15th of May and last week they posted this, no description, no info of any kind. Whatever the story with this video it’s all street footage in true Puleo style, peep it, enjoy.

Good news for the locals of Spennymoor, The Northern Echo posted on their Website on Monday announcing various funds being pledged to build a new skate park, an area is said to have been secured for the project to go a head, further funding and other details have yet to be confirmed, but overall looking promising so far.Untitled-3

I think I’ll end by quickly mentioning a really nice Burrito that I had after skating and filming one day last week at Whitley Bay skate park. We’d finished skating and while driving south down the coast road for a couple of miles we spot The Surf Cafe and decide to drop in. The guys in there are really friendly and welcoming, there is all kinds of cool stuff in there like surf and skate boards and old-skool bikes, they have a N64 hooked up to a big screen and even better than that is they have an original space invaders arcade game, and you can play for free! I know that’s not really skate related but I thought it worth a mention as seen as they do such a mean Burrito. They have a Facebook page if you want to have a look or better still go pay them a visit, they’re right next to Tynemouth Park on the coast road, you can’t miss it, say I sent you.



Summer Time is here? I’m gonna need some new gear!

Summer Time is here, allegedly.

We’ve had almost a month of Official  British Summer Time, although looking out of the window right now it might be hard to believe. Never the less, its here, that means more sunshine (hopefully) and more skateboarding. Whether you’re a fresh boy rocking the hip-hop style, as hesh as they come or somewhere in between, you’re going to need some new threads for ripping up the concrete on that skateboard. Every now and then I’m going to hit you with some product to check out, which of course are all in stock and available from our on-line store

This week we’re keeping it Ghetto Fresh, think Chad Muska, Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams and Brian Wenning, you don’t want to be ripping up the streets in last years haggard gear, you want to look like those guys, yeah? (Click on any image if you want a closer look)

Etnies Kontra Shoes. Black-White-Grey

The Etnies Kontra, an excellent shoe, solid build and offering padded tongue and ankle area for extra comfort and protection. Also featuring Etnies ‘System O2′ air bubble on the heel protecting against the dreaded heel bruise. Nice design and colour-way, double stitching for extra durability.


Globe’s Angus Jean, loose fitting for extra comfort and no restriction of movement when skating. I find tighter jeans can sometimes mean bursting the crotch out when you’re bailing, in these jeans you’re not going to do that, having plenty of room to move around in. A nice jean from Globe, they’re gonna look sick with those Kontras.


Zoo York’s Lord Scotch T-shirt, you can’t beat  Zoo York for that Urban vibe. Zoo York are one of those brands with with their eyes on the streets, with a dripping Graffiti style graphic this T-shirt is all about that street style, a nice T-shirt, you know you need it! Go check it our on our website, Urban Surfer, it has print on the back too.


Independent, they’ve been on the scene since 76 and one of my favourite brands, they know where its at, make it on to the Indy team and you know you got skills. This Independent snap-back cap with their logo across the front is right up my street, nice colours and no faff, perfect!

So, you’ve been to our website,, you’ve bought your new threads, right!? No!? Well get on over there now, we’ve got 20% off this bank holiday weekend, drop by our Facebook page and pick up your discount code. Anyway, here’s a few classic video parts to get you amped for hitting up the streets.

Chad Muska’s part from Transworld Skateboarding, said to be filmed in one day, check out the kinked hand rain second off last trick!

Josh Kalis’ part from AWS’s Mindfields, there are so many good tricks in here!

Stevie Williams’ DC Video part, this dude has pop!

Brian Wenning’s part from the Habitat section of the Alien Workshop Photosynthesis. Need something hit up with a nose gind? Wenning’s the man for the job! Look out for the sick switch bs tail bigspin out too.



DVS Skate Shoes now available at Urban Surfer

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Why shop at Urban Surfer?

  • Free delivery to the UK
  • Upgrade to 1st class for free with ‘Mother’ as the voucher code (expires at 12noon 16th March)
  • Ships worldwide
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Here at Urban Surfer, we are pleased to announce that we will now be stocking DVS Shoes, and the first to arrive is the DVS Rico CT Shoes in Black and Hemp/Canvas.DVS Rico CT Shoes in Black & Hemp – £46.99


Have a great day!


Adio Skate Shoes

Why shop at Urban Surfer?

  • Free UK standard delivery
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We have taken delivery of Adio skate shoes, 3 styles in particular stand out.

Adio V4 Shoes – White / Grey / Black – £49.99

Adio Sydney Shoes – Black / White – £37.99

Adio Release Shoes – Charcoal / Black / White – £44.99