People you’ll meet at a skatepark – Part 2

Here’s some more people you’ll meet at a skatepark. If you didn’t find yourself on the first list perhaps, you’ll be on this one If you haven’t read part one you can do that by clicking here The guy who only plays SKATE. Not to be confused with the freestyle skater, as all of this guys tricks land wheels down (usually first try) but he will still be spotted in the rampless areas of the park practicing his tre flips in switch, nollie and fakie. He will challenge anybody to... Read More

Games To Play On Your Skateboard

Hi guys, Ed here again with this month’s blog. I decided to write about some different games you can play on your skateboard. I have taught skateboarding for around 10 years now with people of all abilities and ages and found a few games that work really well with increasing confidence and stability on a board and are just good fun to play. Some of these will be variations on childhood games that you already know (possibly under a different name depending where in the world/country you’re based) so you... Read More

Freestyling Skateboarding for the Freestyle Contest Season

This month, I’ve managed to rope your favourite Urban Surfer blogger Ed Bread (Insta: @breadskates) into trying some freestyle skateboarding tricks with myself, Anthony Simm (Insta: @anthonysimmskate). I’ve known Ed for a few years now, since returning to skateboarding after a 12 year break. Both of us spend a lot of time skating at Dynamix in Gateshead, UK. We both have our own styles, as you may well know by now, Ed is a flowing, cruising skater with a hint of the old-school with his signature sweeper tricks. My own... Read More

7 Pointless Gimmicks in Skateboarding

Hi guys, Ed here again with this month’s blog. This month I’m going to be talking about lots of different gimmicks in skateboarding, some of these are actually good, while others are absolutely dreadful. I’ll start off by giving you the Cambridge dictionary definition of gimmick, which is; “something that is not serious or of real value that is used to attract people’s attention or interest temporarily, especially to make them buy something” So, I won’t be talking about things that are useful in skateboarding or actually have a purpose,... Read More

Braille Skateboarding 28/03/2019

Why Braille Skateboarding Doesn’t Suck as Much as you Think

Hi guys Ed here again, this month’s blog is about all the hate a lot of the YouTube skateboard channels seem to get and why I feel it’s not deserved, no I’m not just on about skateboard channels in general more specifically the stuff like Braille Skateboarding and John Hill, who are typically referred to as “Youtubers” if you’re unsure about the type of channels I’m on about you clearly haven’t spent much time on YouTube watching skateboarding, as there are countless channels with this format and if you don’t... Read More

Rodney Mullen 22/03/2019

6 of Skateboarding’s Most Memorable Competition Runs

Hi guys Ed here again this week I’ll be going looking at some of the most memorable runs done in a competition, don’t worry this isn’t just going to full of Nyjah Huston runs from street league, hopefully, there will be some from pros you’re not familiar or competitions you’ve never heard of; First up we’re going back to the 80s with, Jeff Grosso Savannah Slamma 1988 While not the most amazing technical run it is just pure fun. you might be wondering what the hell he’s actually doing, well... Read More

Unwritten Rules of the Skatepark 21/03/2019

Unwritten rules of the skatepark

Ed here again with this month’s blog, before I start, I just want to say that yes I am aware of the irony of calling it unwritten rules of the skatepark then writing them down. Hopefully some of these you will have figured out yourself already, don’t worry if you haven’t we all start somewhere. I’ll start with possibly the most important; Don’t be a snake! Nothing to do with attention seeking posts on social media where your friends will comment “are you OK hun?” Being a snake in a... Read More

Skatepark Mid Air 07/12/2018
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Action Sports Charities Promoting Sport as a Tool for Change in the UK

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language that they can understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.” Nelson Mandela The power of sport was central to Mandela’s political beliefs. Mandela utilised sport as a tool to unite his people and to redefine a country’s image. Sport is a language all in its own, it can speak to people... Read More

Darryl Grogan Freestyle Skater 28/11/2018

A Blast from the Past: Freestyle Skateboarding with Darryl Grogan

A Blast from the Past: Freestyle Skateboarding with Darryl Grogan If you follow us on Instagram then you will probably know that one of our recent Throwback Thursday videos has gained quite a lot of attention. This video features Darryl Grogan Freestyle Skating at the 89′ Savannah Slamma. When I posted the video, I knew that it would do well. However, I never expected the man in the video would actually comment! In the video, Darryl is skating at an event called the ‘Savannah Slamma’ all the way back in... Read More

Common beginner skate questions 09/11/2018

Common Beginner Skate Questions

So here’s this month’s blog post and as you’ve probably guessed by the title its common beginner skate questions, pretty self-explanatory and doesn’t really need an introduction, what I will say is this is aimed at those new to skateboarding, so beginners, kids and parents/partners of those who are new to it. So let’s get straight into it… What skateboard should I buy? As you may have seen already, there’s a huge choice of size, shapes, styles and price of skateboard, I could go into huge depth on this one... Read More