wave pool surf snowdonia 07/11/2019

Wave Pool Revolution: The 5 Best Artificial Waves in the World (2019)

With Kelly’s wave pool firmly on tour and the opening of The Wave Bristol last month, let’s take a look at the huge range of artificial wave technology and designs making their way onto our instagram feeds today. 1. The Wave Bristol Bristol, England If you keep even half-an-eye on surf news, social media, or talk to any British surfer, you’ll know about the most exciting engineering development in Bristol since Isambard Kingdom Brunel. And no, for once we don’t mean one of the 29 Bristols in the US (don’t... Read More

Fit surfer in wave 11/10/2019
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Surf Workout: Urban Surfer’s No-Equipment Home Bodyweight Workouts

It’s finally winter: the season of consistent swells and still slightly warm water. The summer crowds have scurried back to the safety of their city apartments, with their 8 foot mini-mal (or second-hand 5’11” pop-out that they found on eBay and still don’t understand why they can’t stand in the 1 foot whitewash) securely stored until next July. We can’t all live on the North Shore of Oahu (but check out my blog – Hawaii: An Intermediate’s Experience Surfing the Best Waves in the World – and vlogs – Surfing... Read More

Sennen Sunrise 18/04/2019
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A Visiting Surfer’s Guide to South Cornwall: Sennen to Land’s End

Forget meditating at your desk or taking that brisk stroll before work; everyone should periodically replace their alarm clock with the soft purr of waves caressing the shore. Thankfully, I’m lucky enough to call the little village of Sennen – under 1 mile from Land’s End – my second home. Each time I awake in Myn Tea, admiring the salty corduroy lines glistening in the morning light, I thank myself for embracing the seaside philosophy. I’m a self-proclaimed ocean-lover, but who isn’t? View this post on Instagram A post shared... Read More

Hawaii Drone 01/03/2019
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Hawaii: An Intermediate’s Experience Surfing the Best Waves in the World

It’s always convenient when your passion coincides with most people’s idea of a dream holiday location. So when your parents are considering a winter beach escape overlapping the dates of the Billabong Pipe Masters in Hawaii, it would be rude not to drop some gentle hints. Two days after a frustrating hunt for stormy Cornish waves, it was time for an early-morning trip to the Airport. A further 22 hours of cramped seats, questionable airplane meals and severe jet lag finally paid off as we touched down in Honolulu. The... Read More

North East Exploration 09/02/2019

North East Strike Missions – Tales of Surfing around Newcastle

The seatbelt sign illuminates to a soft ping as the pilot lowers the landing gear. It’s still dark outside while the autumn sun struggles to pull itself above the horizon; understandable, after my struggle to get out of bed two hours earlier. We finally touch down, and the doors open to a blast of frosty North East air. “At least it’s not raining” I think to myself, just before a rumble of thunder shakes the runway. Thankfully the weather improved after that first week at uni, and 2 skydives, many... Read More

meo pro gopro 06/01/2019
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Surf Travel to Portugal: A Personal Experience of a Summer Chasing Swells

You may remember my surf vlog from the MEO Rip Curl Pro in Peniche, Portugal. A lot has happened since then, but I’m still sitting on a lot of cool footage and funny stories. So, here’s a personal recap of my completely unorganised surf trip to Supertubos and beyond. As with most of my recent surf adventures, this one began in Bordeaux. The 14-hour, 1200km drive across 3 countries initially seemed a tedious task. Thankfully, the French carpooling app, BlaBlaCar, was there to once again offer an exciting twist to the journey. The... Read More

Skatepark Mid Air 07/12/2018
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Action Sports Charities Promoting Sport as a Tool for Change in the UK

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language that they can understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.” Nelson Mandela The power of sport was central to Mandela’s political beliefs. Mandela utilised sport as a tool to unite his people and to redefine a country’s image. Sport is a language all in its own, it can speak to people... Read More

Filmmaking at Lacanau, France 27/11/2018
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Filmmaking: Urban Surfer’s Top 10 Tips on How to Shoot Videos [Part 1/2]

So, you’ve been inspired by the newest wave of YouTube vloggers; have just received a new camera for Christmas; are planning a sick trip that it would be a crime not to document; or maybe you just rate your skills on a board and want to show off to the world? Whatever your reason for stepping into the realm of filmmaking, Urban Surfer are here to help. Check out these top 10 filmmaking tips that everyone should consider before shooting their 1st or 100th edit.   1. Decide the theme... Read More

Surfer overlooking beach 25/10/2018

Surf Competition: Urban Surfer’s Report of the University Championships

If you’ve been following my recent blogs, you’ll know I’ve been based around France for the past four months. However, when a £38 return flight coincided with the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) Surf Competition in Newquay, I couldn’t resist. Each year, thousands of university student surfers flock to the little Cornish town. Journeys range from Falmouth University’s short bike ride to St. Andrews’s 10-hour expedition. (Having just spent a day driving 14 hours across Europe, I can sympathise. But come on: a stormy weekend in England is much... Read More