Pushing skateboard and obtaining perfect technique

Pushing skateboard is the first thing you need to learn if you have never skated before.

Let’s say you are a beginner who likes skateboarding. You bought a skateboard, but you don’t know anything. The first trick you need to learn is how to push your skateboard.

There is a video tutorial available here, and it will be explained in a few short paragraphs.

Pushing skateboard – basic stance

The first and the most important thing when pushing skateboard is the stance. If you are a goofy, you will place your right leg on your skateboard, while the left leg will push it off the ground. If you are regular, your left foot will be on your skateboard, while your right leg will push it off the ground.

If your left foot is the front foot, when pushing a skateboard, it is placed on the front part of the board and flared forward. Make sure to move your center of gravity towards your front foot.

If your front foot is left, it is rotated to the right side, around 30 degrees to the right. If it is your right foot, you need to rotate it around 30 degrees to the left when pushing your skateboard.

Try not to create too many oscillations when pushing a skateboard, or there is a big chance of falling down, especially if you are a beginner.

Pushing skateboard – pushing action

For example, your right foot is on the board, while your left foot pushes the skateboard off the ground. The first thing you need to do is to lower your center of gravity and bend your right knee. Push back along the ground with your left foot, while your right knee remains flexed and your right foot stays on the board.

Make sure to extend your left leg completely while pushing skateboard and flex it again as you close your left foot towards the position of your right foot. Try to keep your body as straight as possible, remember, do not bend your spine, push off your knee. Your body goes forward as you push your skateboard.

Pushing skateboard – increasing your speed

If you apply more power and if you push more often and harder, you will go faster. When pushing a skateboard, it is very important to give maximum power to your pushing movement, and this can be done if you extend the foot that pushes your skateboard completely and, at the same time, extend the foot which is on your skateboard. Please, do not lose control when doing this, or you will fall! Try to do it slowly in the first place, and then faster and faster.

Remember, try to focus on the center of gravity when you learn and do not lose control and fall. Make sure your front foot is positioned properly. Maintain the center of gravity over your front foot as you push your skateboard forward.

Pushing skateboard – placing your rear foot on a skateboard

In our case, left foot is your rear foot. Let’s assume you are pushing skateboard for a period of time and you are satisfied with your speed. What now?

Try to flex your rear leg slowly and to place it on the rear part of your board. When both of your feet are positioned on the board, there is a chance to position your weight evenly. You need to move your center of gravity over the center of the board – it should cut the line of your torso in half.

When you slow down, just repeat the whole pattern of pushing skateboard again. If you ride downhill slope, all you need to do is maintain your balance, there will be no need to push.

There is also a technique called Mongo-Style pushing, which requires the use of your front foot to push yourself forward, while your rear foot has a role to maintain your balance. The center of gravity is moved backward when applying this technique of pushing a skateboard. When you master your skateboard skills, try this technique.

Pushing skateboard – what makes the difference between an experienced skater and a beginner?

Despite this motion is not difficult to learn, there will be a big difference when pushing skateboard between someone who has just started and someone who skates for a long period of time.

A professional will waste less energy on pushing motions and his body will oscillate less.

A professional has better efficiency while pushing a skateboard.

A professional will do this with a lot more ease.

A beginner will have more difficulties if the road is bumpy or wet.


Do you have your idol in the world of skating? I will give you one suggestion – build your own style. First of all, enjoy the ride! When you are a beginner, enjoying is in the first place.

Keep pushing skateboard and having fun! Train hard, a practice will make your technique perfect! Purchase one of our skateboards and start enjoying today!


  • Jimmy

    Does it matter if you skate goofy or Mongo Style?

  • Robert Hogward

    Great article! The question is how fast can I ride? Can my weight make an impact on my skateboard?