Homeys slippers are some of the best produced and highest quality indoor shoes on the market. Slip on something comfortable, built to last and look cool and trendy too. Homeys slippers come in a variety of colours for men and women so you are sure to find a pair which are perfect for you.

When you get in from a long day, the first thing you want to do is slip your feet into cosy footwear and with a fleece lining and plenty of stylish designs to choose from, all feet deserve a pair of Homey’s! So what makes Homeys slippers better than your average pair? First of all, Homeys use luxurious materials to create a haven for your feet. The hook & loop fastener helps you slip into them within seconds, giving you comfort and a secure fit as you unwind.

The current range of Homeys slippers at Urban Surfer includes some of the brand’s most popular styles including the classic checked Tyler slippers, the tweed Dina slippers and slip on mule slippers in a range of styles. With designs to suit both men and women, you can pick up the perfect pair online today.

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