Oddballs produce some of the most interesting men’s underwear on the market. Oddballs men’s underwear not only helps keep you comfortable but also helps raise money for testicular cancer. So if you want your pants to have a mission then Oddballs is the brand for you!

Oddballs boxers are the underwear that everyone is talking about, worn by famous celebrities and athletes to raise awareness for testicular. These are not your everyday underwear either, expect bold patterns, bright colours and plenty of retro references. Money raised by Oddballs goes to the Oddballs foundation, a charity formed to make a difference to male health all around the world. Along with the Oddballs underwear, they’re also on a quest to fit check yourself guides in male toilets and changing rooms across the country.

Your balls matter and if you’re looking for underwear that really does make a difference, the Oddballs boxers range is for you. Find the right match for you in the Oddballs underwear collection at Urban Surfer today.

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