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Whether you’re looking for warm gloves for men, mens snoods, or cosy – yet stylish – scarves, Urban Surfer’s large range of mens gloves, scarves and winter accessories will keep you warm and comfortable, even when it’s bitterly cold on the beach and even in the mountains!

As the temperature drops and the seasons start to change, it’s important to be prepared – it seems to go from summer to winter overnight, so don’t get left out in the cold! Our different styles and colours of mens snoods, scarves and warm gloves for men – you can invest in some traditional and simple items, some extremely practical and insulated pieces, or maybe some more modern and trendy accessories. We stock many high quality, highly durable brands, such as Levi’s, Dakine, Quicksilver, Animal, Barts and SealSkinz to name a few, so you can be sure you’re receiving products that will last you through your skate and snow adventures, time and time again!

A mens sport snoods scarf (a clever combination of part scarf and part hood, that sits tight to the neck to keep you warm) – Is the perfect option for all-in-one guys. If you’re looking for a mens sport snood scarf, you’re in the right place. These are also incredibly useful for skating and snowboarding trips – a snood will help regulate your body temperature and keep you warm - and as anyone who takes part in winter activities knows - it’s incredibly important to make sure your neck remains covered during bouts of cold weather. Because snoods are compact and sit flush to your neck, they won’t interfere with your sporting trips, either – so there’s no need to worry about a traditional scarf becoming unravelled. We would recommend checking out the Airhole Drylite Airtube, made of quick drying material that will both keep you warm in the cold, and preserve you from the sun in the heat – helping you stay cool, dry and protected.

But if traditional is what you’re after, we also stock extremely attractive scarves and warm gloves for men, in a palette of colours – so you can be as bold or as neutral as you want. Or, you can swap out your scarf for a mens snood depending on the conditions and activities.

Why not invest in a few types of scarves and gloves for men? Every man needs a good, traditional part of gloves and scarf that completes their outfit, alongside a warm, traditional pair of gloves for sport, and maybe even a multifunctional mens snood – so that wherever your activities take you, you’re always prepared, and protected from the elements.

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  1. Jack & Jones Barry Knitted Gloves - Grey Melange
    Special Price £9.49 Regular Price £11.99
  2. Superdry NYC Scarf - Black Check
    Special Price £24.24 Regular Price £24.99
  3. Superdry NYC Scarf - Charcoal Check
    Special Price £20.61 Regular Price £24.99
  4. Jack Wolfskin Milton Scarf - North Atlantic
    Special Price £32.19 Regular Price £34.99
  5. Jack Wolfskin Milton Scarf - Fall Red
    Special Price £31.49 Regular Price £34.99
  6. Jack Wolfskin Milton Scarf - Black
    Special Price £31.49 Regular Price £34.99
  7. Nicce Pax Gloves - Olive Drab
    Special Price £18.59 Regular Price £19.99
  8. Nicce Opum Gloves - Black
    Special Price £19.59 Regular Price £19.99
  9. 47 Brand EPL Liverpool FC Brookes Jordan Scarf - Red
    Special Price £14.69 Regular Price £14.99
  10. Airhole Drylite Airtube - Angler
    Special Price £18.74 Regular Price £24.99
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