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Dakine specialises in sportswear and sports equipment for alternative sports  Dakine was founded on the beautiful island of Hawaii and gets its name from the Hawaiian Pidgin word da kine (derived from ‘the kind’). Popular amongst our customers is our collection of Dakine backpacks and roller luggage cases that offer unmatchable quality and reliability. With Dakine you know you are buying quality and the Dakine style is always impeccable. Urban Surfer - Purveyors of surf, skate & snow clothing since 1995


NICCE has cemented its place as a premier London lifestyle brand. Celebrated for its unique take on the latest casual-wear and streetwear trends. London is the cultural hub that sparks the brand’s creativity. NICCE is embedded, supportive and completely influenced by the ever-changing culture, lifestyle and rich music scenes of London. Urban Surfer bring you a range if Nicce accessories including their very popular backpacks.


"Surf House since 1985". This signature reflects OXBOW's sense of belonging to this French culture of fashion and textiles. It emphasises its originality and authenticity. Singular pieces, an authentic style and an uncompromising quality approach. Oxbow can now be found at Urban Surfer offering a range of men's & women's accessories including bags & hats.

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  1. Nicce Tavas Crossbody Bag - Black
    Special Price £22.99 Regular Price £24.99
  2. Dakine Classic Hip Pack - Slashdot
    Special Price £16.99 Regular Price £18.99
  3. Dakine 16L Cinch pack - Slashdot
    Special Price £16.99 Regular Price £17.99
  4. Dakine School Case - Slashdot
    Special Price £14.50 Regular Price £14.99
  5. Dakine School Case - Crimson Rose
    Special Price £11.99 Regular Price £14.99
  6. Dakine Campus 33L Backpack - Greyscale
    Special Price £52.99 Regular Price £59.99
  7. Dakine Essentials 26L Backpack - Botanics Pet
    Special Price £58.95 Regular Price £59.99
  8. Dakine URBN Mission 22L Backpack - Jungle Palm
    Special Price £34.99 Regular Price £49.99
  9. Dakine Classic Hip Pack - Slash Dot
    Special Price £15.99 Regular Price £18.99
  10. Dakine Trek II 26L Backpack - South Pacific
    Special Price £38.99 Regular Price £64.99
  11. Nicce Dart Bag - Black
    Special Price £14.99 Regular Price £26.99
  12. Dakine Accessory Case - Slate
    Special Price £7.00 Regular Price £12.99
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