Dosh Magic Wallet - Vader

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Dosh uses a patented combination of flexible and semi-flexible polymer materials to give the wallets their unique properties and function. The body material of the wallets is injection moulded TPU; an advanced polymer that is highly durable, water resistant and has a luxurious soft touch quality.

The wallets use innovative bonding techniques making the end products hard wearing and superior in strength to traditional stitching. This approach gives the wallets their clean, smooth aesthetic which differentiates dosh from all other traditional wallets.

Many of the ranges feature money clips that are all hand made from high grade brushed stainless steel giving them a high-value jewellery like quality. Each wallets comes in iconic, crystal-clear dosh polycarbonate packaging is designed to be used as a coin box and promotes post purchase use. All components of a dosh wallet, including the packaging is designed to be recycled at the end of usage life.