POC is a Swedish company that manufactures skiing and snowboarding helmets, goggles and sunglasses. POC was founded in 2004 and still has its headquarters in Sweden. With a strong mission to do the best they can possibly do to save lives, POC make only the highest quality snow safety products around.


The Bart’s Hat’s story didn’t start with men’s hat’s or women’s. Barts started in the summer of ’86 on the sunny beaches of Saint Tropez. Bart Hat’s (Just Bart’s at the time) sold hand-made shorts to the sunbathing rich and famous. With Bart’s cash, he went on a journey, traveled the world and met some amazing people. It was when he swapped the sandy beaches for the snowy mountains that the brand really took off and Barts became a byword for quality men’s hats and women’s hats , gloves, as well as so much more. Urban Surfer - Purveyors of surf, skate & snow clothing since 1995

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