POC is a Swedish company that manufactures skiing and snowboarding helmets, goggles and sunglasses. POC was founded in 2004 and still has its headquarters in Sweden. With a strong mission to do the best they can possibly do to save lives, POC make only the highest quality snow safety products around.


Supra shoes create an awesome range of skateboard shoes in limited editions and seasonal colours. Supra are known mainly for their Supra high tops including the Vaider and Skytop models. Supra are different from most other footwear brands and extend far past the usual skateboard shoe brands. They're one of our favourite shoe brands and when you look through our extensive range we're sure you'll see why!

Dragon Alliance

Dragon Alliance (Dragon Goggles) was founded in 1993 in California and produce some of the best eyewear for surfing, snowboarding, moto riding, and wakeboarding. Dragon have stayed true to their roots of serving riders with the right kit. Their innovative approach has lead to market-leading developments, including the first-ever frameless snow goggle. This Dragon goggle has revolutionised the snow market and is one of the most sought-after styles at retail. Along with that, the latest Dragon sunglasses have shown design innovation and a unique styling like the JAM, Domo and Viceroy. Rider-inspired design and feedback have always been key and one of the important philosophies of the brand in creating new products. Urban Surfer - Purveyors of surf, skate & snow clothing since 1995

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  1. Poc Retina Big Spare Lens - Yellow
    Special Price £42.99 Regular Price £59.99
  2. Dragon X1 Goggles - Split / Lumalens Green Ion
    Special Price £126.99 Regular Price £149.99
  3. POC Retina Spare Lens - Silver
    Special Price £34.99 Regular Price £49.99
  4. POC Retina Big Spare Lens - Bronze / Silver
    Special Price £53.99 Regular Price £60.00
  5. Dragon X2 Replacement Lens - Dark Smoke
    Special Price £47.95 Regular Price £60.00
  6. Dragon X1 Replacement Lens - Transitions Clear
    Special Price £114.99 Regular Price £129.99
  7. Dragon X1 Replacement Lens - Luma Lens Blue Ion
    Special Price £50.99 Regular Price £64.99
  8. Dragon X1 Replacement Lenses - Purple Ionised
    Special Price £68.99 Regular Price £79.99
  9. Dragon X1s Replacement Lens - Green Ion
    Special Price £60.99 Regular Price £79.99
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