Adventure can mean different things to different people. To Airhole it's very simple; adventure is pushing beyond normal. Airhole facemasks were founded in 2006 by pro snowboarders Kate Stephens and Chris Brown with the vision to provide protection from the elements while bringing fashion to your face. Airhole is an ideal accessory for snowboarders & skiers. Airhole also stops your snow goggles from fogging up allowing you to ride for longer. 

Union Bindings

Union Bindings make some of the best snowboard bindings in the world. "A Force of Nature" is one way of describing this brand's impeccable work ethic and product. They work closely and to the highest standards to ensure the rider has the ultimate connection with their snowboard with technology only they could deliver Union Bindings is simply unstoppable in the world of snowboard bindings. Urban Surfer receive all of the new styles every year just in time for your next snowboard trip!


Bolle Ski helmets are known throughout the world as some of the best helmets for both amateurs and professionals alike. Bolle uses the latest technology and the best materials to ensure their helmets are second to none for both comfort and style. With integrated visors, Bolle ski helmets are some of the most advanced and cool looking helmets on the market. Urban Surfer - Purveyors of surf, skate & snow clothing since 1995

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  1. Bolle B-Yond Replacement Visor - Silver Gun
    Special Price £45.07 Regular Price £45.99
  2. Bolle B-Yond Replacement Visor - Grey Blue
    Special Price £43.23 Regular Price £45.99
  3. Bolle Backline Replacement Visor - Photochromic
    Special Price £78.71 Regular Price £81.99
  4. Airhole Polar Ergo Airtube - Logo
    Special Price £18.84 Regular Price £28.99
  5. Airhole Airtube Softshell Gaitor - Grey Bones
    Special Price £29.24 Regular Price £38.99
  6. Airhole Airhood Combo Polar - Heather Grey
    Special Price £43.11 Regular Price £48.99
  7. Bolle B-YOND Ski Helmet - Soft White & Grey
    Special Price £59.24 Regular Price £78.99
  8. Bolle Backline Replacement Visor - Silver Gun
    Special Price £43.69 Regular Price £45.99
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