Why Braille Skateboarding Doesn’t Suck as Much as you Think

Hi guys Ed here again, this month’s blog is about all the hate a lot of the YouTube skateboard channels seem to get and why I feel it’s not deserved, no I’m not just on about skateboard channels in general more specifically the stuff like Braille Skateboarding and John Hill, who are typically referred to as “Youtubers” if you’re unsure about the type of channels I’m on about you clearly haven’t spent much time on YouTube watching skateboarding, as there are countless channels with this format and if you don’t know who they are go check them out. I’m going to focus mainly on Braille skateboards as they seem to be the biggest and most well-known, but a lot of this will still apply to other YouTubers.

Why Do People Hate Braille Skateboarding?

So, to start things off I’m going to talk about why a lot of people don’t like their videos and their place in their industry. A lot of the hate seems to come from the older generations of skaters (age 25+) some of the main points for this are that they don’t feel Braille accurately represents what skateboarding is, the skaters haven’t earned their place in the industry and don’t deserve to be pro, they aren’t real skaters and just spend their time messing around in the warehouse, there is a multitude more reasons why people hate them these are just a few examples.

What I aim to do in this post is show whether you like it or not why they don’t deserve the hate they receive, this doesn’t mean that you suddenly have to subscribe to the channel and watch all the videos, it’s fine if you don’t like them but a lot of skaters do, so please hear me out and make your own mind up at the end.

Braille Skateboarding

Why Hating on Braille Skateboarding is a Dick Move

Firstly I will address the points I made earlier; to say they don’t represent skateboarding is very narrowminded of what skateboarding is, as everybody’s interactions with it can be different depending on where they grew up what time they started skating and what style they skate, for instance when I started skating 20 years ago if I wanted to watch or read about skateboarding in my home, I’d have to go to the skate shop buy a video or a magazine with my pocket money and watch/read it until the tape wore out/pages fell out but nowadays kids are brought up with the Internet and don’t have to go outside of the house to get the media they want, which is no different to you watching a film online rather than going to the cinema, skateboarding is no different in this regards, as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube is where you’ll find all the latest skate news, now you don’t have to wait every month for the latest mag to come out, but I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a bad thing as I can watch thousands of hours of skateboarding at the click of a button, for free. I’m not saying magazines are bad I was brought up on them and it’s always a shame when I see mags disappear such as slap, sidewalk and more recently Transworld but unfortunately media must evolve with the times, as change is inevitable.

Secondly saying they are not real skaters, last time I checked there wasn’t an official checklist to say what makes somebody a skater, these guys are out skating every day doing what they love and making a living out of it, if somebody offered you to go skate with your friends every day and all you need do is point the camera at yourselves while you do it and they’ll give you money would you not take them up on that offer?

To say that they haven’t earned their place in the industry or earned their places pro skaters, is wrong as they are doing exactly what a lot of other brands have done throughout the decades, it’s a group of friends who set up a board company, so they’re DIY and skater owned, which is exactly like girl skateboards, death skateboards here in the uk or when Rocco set up world industries, Rocco also received a load of hate for how he did things and got told “that’s not what skateboarding is” but all of these are exactly what skateboarding is as it is doing your own thing and doing what feels right to you.

You might think all their videos are dumb, as a large proportion of them are just there messing around in the warehouse rather than skateboarding, but if we look back at Big Brother magazine and their videos these also had a lot of clips where they were just messing around, and ended up with a TV show deal and 3 movies out of it (jackass). Big Brother has a lot of respect in the skate industry despite a lot of their footage and articles being just them messing around.

Braille Skateboarding

The Braille Skateboarding Team aren’t the Best Skaters

You might say they’re not the best skaters in the world, but I don’t think they’ve ever claimed to be and who cares who’s the best? Skateboarding is about having fun which is exactly what these guys are doing, I know every time I go out and skate with my friends I don’t always skate to the best of my ability but sometimes i don’t want to, I just want to have fun and skate. With the amount of content they put out it must be hard for them to think of new ideas and new tricks to constantly do so they have to end up doing the funny skits as it’s very difficult to produce top quality content at the rate they produce content. Similarly the “you make it we skate it” series is no different to what skaters all around the world do, when you find something vaguely skateboard shaped and try skate it the same as you would your board, these guys just figured out how to make money doing it and seem to have a lot of fun doing it as well.

Braille Skateboarding

My Conclusions

So to round things up, I think the main reason they don’t suck is that there are inspiring a new generation of kids to pick up a skateboard rather than a scooter, they are putting out trick tip videos to help them kids get better, in some of their videos they will give kids valuable information about how to use a skate park, such as not snaking, not over waxing ledges which make skate parks safer for everybody. Finally how can you hate on a group of friends going out skating and having fun, as that’s the main thing these channels are. Now as mentioned earlier you don’t have to go watch the videos but your energy would be better spent going out actually skating rather than hating on somebody else who is actually skating.

Braille Skateboarding

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  • Cam

    Very good article, I don’t understand why they get the hate they do. What you said about people growing up differently and at different times is very true. It’s definitely easier to watch videos or tutorials on skateboarding these days but if anything it’s encouraging people to go out and skate. I think that Braille Skateboarding is a fun YouTube channel and they can be very informative, I’ve learned how to improve my ollies and other various tips and tricks from them. They’re a very high quality YouTube channel and they definitely don’t deserve some of the hate they get. Love to the guys who put effort into the channel, such as Aaron Kyro ??

  • Derek

    Damn straight. I think its funny that “skaters don’t like braille” because of some arbitrary definition of what skating should be. It bothers me, because Braille advocates just skating. They’ve railed against the gatekeeping that that same arbitrary attitude comes from.
    This “poser” mindset it self-righteous. Most of my generation (i’m 34) wouldn’t know shit about skateboarding if Tony Hawk hadn’t “sold out” three ways from Sunday. It’s the same thing with Rob Dyrdek, ya he “sold out”. But who cares. Are you jealous he’s getting payed? Quit bitching and skate.

    The only thing I have left to say is, wear a helmet if you want, and if someone has a problem with it, screw them. and carry your board however you freaking want. I’m about to take my board across the next persons face, that I hear say mall grab with a snear.

    Just skate. have fun, challenge yourself.

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